Are you a retail store wanting to sell cute Gladys P. Nut products?

To purchase from us at wholesale prices you must run a shop or work for an organisation which intends to purchase our products in bulk. Individual customers  can purchase our products via our retail store. 

Minimum order amount

The minimum order amount is 75 EUR, before delivery cost. 

Terms and conditions Wholesale:
  • The terms and conditions of the webshop also apply here.
  • The sales price should be the same or higher as our retail price.
  • You may use the photos from the site for your own store / web store.
  • The delivery time for Wholesale is 5 business days unless otherwise stated on the product detail page.
  • We only wholesale our products to established businesses with an EIN/Sales Tax Number.
  • Gladys P. Nut reserves the right to select who to select as a wholesaler.


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