The hardest part of becoming a freelance artist/illustrator to me was finding out what I wanted to draw and figuring out my own style. Heck, I didn’t even know the difference between an artist or an illustrator. Now imagine selling yourself when you don’t know who you are.  

I knew it would take time to find all these answers, so I figured out a way to sell my artwork without having to talk about me as an artist. And that’s how Horned Horses was born. A t-shirt brand with my artwork.

It was much easier to talk about someone else and to sell something else rather than myself. But as Horned Horses grew, my focus shifted from being creative to running an online business and a print shop. 

So after four years, I’ve decided it is time to quit Horned Horses, start using my own name again and focus on what I do best, drawing.

Can I still buy your stuff?

Yes you can, I’ve uploaded the designs to RedBubble and INPRNT where you can find al sorts of products with my artwork on them. 

Can I still order custom Artwork?

Of course! Shoot me a message or find me on social media.