About Me

I am a self-taught artist & illustrator from the Netherlands.

I am a digital artist &  illustrator and I love to give life to all sorts of cute characters. My artwork is inspired by pop culture and Japanese illustrations. I’ve always been fond of cute characters. To be honest, I am one of those people who fall for cute and fancy packaging in the supermarket.

I choose to be a digital artist because I think we all have our responsibility to do our part in saving the planet. When I draw digitally, I don’t have to use any paper and that makes happy trees!

Another advantage is that drawing digitally also makes for a faster creation process. It’s easier to go from sketching to inking without having to digitize your artwork first. Also, corrections or revisions are much easier to deal with.!

What makes me unique is the fact I’m not only a talented artist, I also have a lot of experience in (graphic) design, storytelling UX, UI & Data Visualization. So, I don’t just make cute illustrations, I also know how my illustrations can amplify your message.

Cheers, Gladys

Contact me

Send en e-mail to  info@gladyspnut.com or find me at: