About Me

I am a digital illustrator from the Netherlands, specialized in character design, doodle art and everything kawaii!

I love to give life to all sorts of cute characters. My artwork is inspired by pop culture and Japanese illustrations. I’ve always been fond of cute characters. To be honest, I am one of those people who fall for cute and fancy packaging in the supermarket.

I choose to be a digital artist because I think we all have our responsibility to do our part in saving the planet. When I draw digitally, I don’t have to use any paper and that makes happy trees!

Another advantage is that drawing digitally also makes for a faster creation process. It’s easier to go from sketching to inking without having to digitize your artwork first. Also, corrections or revisions are much easier to deal with.!

What makes me unique is the fact I’m not only a fun and talented illustrator, but I also have a lot of experience in (graphic) design, storytelling UX, UI & Data Visualization. So, I don’t just make cute illustrations, I also know how my illustrations can amplify your message.

Cheers, Gladys

My story

I started my journey as a creative kid with a drawing talent. I loved horses, so I drew a lot of horses and when I was older I started drawing cartoon characters and realistic portraits. 

But at a certain point, the big bad grown-ups told me it’s better to pursue a career in IT because they thought my life would be a lot easier compared to life as an artist. Little did they know…

After 10+ years in IT and after having my second burn-out I decided IT wasn’t for me. I quit my job and became an artist. I had a lot of catching up to do and the years that followed I think I’ve tried every style and every medium, from watercolor painting to digital drawing and from cartooning to realistic watercolor portraits. 

And over time I developed my personal style: cute, whimsical characters and doodles!

With a background in IT, (web)design, UX/UI and data visualization I know exactly how my illustrations can be used for business aswell. I’ve created infographics, dashboards, websites and all types of media. 

Contact me

I am available for commercial, editorial, advertising commissions, art licensing, live-sketching opportunities and  workshops.

Are you interested in working with me, please send me an e-mail or find me at:

Contact me

Simon Carmiggelthof 96
2492JM Den Haag
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KvK: 70012962
Btw: NL858103527B01
Bank: NL61 BUNQ 2205 9684 08


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