Unicorn Only Illustration

I’m a Dutch illustrator, specialised in character design and everything kawaii.

I love creating all sorts of characters and it’s my mission to take over the world with cuteness! How? With awesome stickers and everyday products to cute up your life!


Wut? September already?

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This month I’ll be introducing monthly themes, where this month I”ll be focusing on the fall, mushrooms and everything cozy!

Like some of you, due to everything that’s been happening this year, my mind still wanders in April/May. So it was kind of weird when I realized it’s September, the first month of the fall! 

What else to expect this month? We’ll start off with a free desktop wallpaper and every other Wednesday I will post a mobile wallpaper and cute gifs in my Instagram story! So follow me there to download the freebies and vote for the designs!

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